The Innovation Show Home (ISH) is a collaborative creation between Wade Works Creative and RM Design Studio.
Wade Works Creative is an architecture and design firm and production agency specializing in the home and lifestyle category lead by HGTV Designer and Emmy Winning producer, Chip Wade. RM Design Studio is an architectural design and rendering firm specializing in high end visuals, lead by Bob Masulis. The Innovation House leverages compelling design, interactive experience, new products and innovative installations to guide viewers with practical inspiration like never before.
RM Design
Robert Masulis, Founder/President - Architect
As an architect , our 30 years of design experience and knowledge of current trends has helped our clients meet all of their design goals. Whether it's interior or exterior design, residential or commercial we provide a one stop shop for design and marketing solutions.

The visualization industry offers a wide spectrum of quality and options. It has been our focus to provide the highest level of visualization for an affordable and competitive price. As part of our everyday operations, we are constantly researching new ways to present and improve our services. We are always striving to provide new and better ways to problem solve. For 25 years, we have developed new and innovative ways to provide customized solutions for our clients. We feel that we are a boutique service for those who want the best of our industry.
Wade Works
Chip Wade, President
Krystee Manifold Spencer, Interior Designer
At Wade Works, we love to tell YOUR story digitally. We use our expertise in the home and lifestyle category in conjunction with the intimate knowledge of immersive experience technologies to engage with consumers on a relevant level. From paper towels to power tools, we dive in head first to partner with brands to convey strategic messaging within an ever changing market.